Store NameAddressPhoneCategorystore_category_hfilter
& You Hair Design130 Koornang Road0449 681 030View Storehair-beauty
12 Round Fitness14 Woorayl Street0456 789 528View Storehealth
A.S.A. Building Consultants67 Rosstown Road(03) 9571 3088View Storeprofessional
Advance Chinese Massage127 Koornang Road0410 687821View Storehealth
Aldi20 Koornang Road Carnegie CentralView Storesupermarket
Allure Hair Stylists156 Koornang Road(03) 9564 7389 View Storehair-beauty
Aromacare321 Neerim Road(03) 9572 4791View Storehair-beauty
ASA Building Consultants61 Koornang Road(03) 9571 3088View Storeprofessional
At the Catch158 Koornang Road(03) 9569 0888View Storecafes-restaurants
ATTUNE Hearing48 Koornang Road 1st Floor(03) 8564 5445View Storehealth
Auntie’s Dumpling68 Koornang Road0433 845 269View Storecafes-restaurants
Aussie Carnegie69 Koornang Road(03) 9573 4044View Storebanking-finance
Australia Post95 Koornang Road(03) 95635768View Storepost-office
Australian Crew Barber and Supplies40A Koornang Rd9330 3017View Storehair-beauty
Australian Red Cross22 Koornang Road(03) 9530 4143View Storefashion
Auturn Accounting & Consulting58 Rosstown Road(03) 9042 7606View Storeprofessional
Back to Basics Fitness176 Koornang Road0491 729 342View Storehealth
Bakers Delight Carnegie102 Koornang Road(03) 9564 8311View Storefresh-food
Basilico129 Koornang Road(03) 9571 1888View Storecafes-restaurants
Beans’N’Cream118 Koornang Road(03) 95697405View Storecafes-restaurants
Bezalel Creative46 Koornang Road Suite A0425 104 323View Storeprofessional
Blue Ginger Viet Kitchen & Bar65 Koornang Road(03) 9943 7926View Storecafes-restaurants
Bon Chicken and Beer121 Koornang Road(03) 9563 6231View Storecafes-restaurants
BWS (Woolworths)20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9908 6521View Storeliquor
Care with Quality63 Rosstown Road(03) 9572 9300View Storehealth
Carnegie Alliance Pharmacy85 Koornang Road(03) 9563 5833View Storehealth
Carnegie Beauty & Thai Massage43 Koornang Road(03) 9939 7695View Storehair-beauty
Carnegie Central Medical Centre20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9572 3699View Storehealth
Carnegie Coin Laundry Rosstown57 Rosstown Road0415 654 368View Storeother
Carnegie Dental Care182 Koornang Road(03) 9563 0055View Storehealth
Carnegie Fresh117 Koornang Road Arcade(03) 9572 0218View Storefresh-food
Carnegie Fruit Market106 Koornang Road(03) 9568 1246View Storefresh-food
Carnegie Indian Express8 Morton Avenue, Carnegie - 3163(03) 9568 0464View Storesupermarket
Carnegie Korean BBQ23 Koornang Road(03) 9563 6608View Storecafes-restaurants
Carnegie Osteopathy162 Koornang Road(03) 9078 7603View Storehealth
Carnegie Poultry122 Koornang Road(03) 9569 0090View Storefresh-food
Carnegie Shoes148 Koornang Road(03) 9569 1526View Storefashion
Carnegie Veterinary Clinic & Carnegie Cat Cottage66 Rosstown Road(03) 9563 5422View Storeprofessional
Cellarbrations131 Koornang Road(03) 95725798View Storeliquor
Central Poultry and Meat20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central0433 452 425View Storefresh-food
Chartered Accountants25 Koornang Road Suite 2(03) 9569 3467View Storebanking-finance
Chemist Warehouse83 Koornang Road(03) 9568 1499 View Storehealth
Classic Barber2/20 Koornang Rd Carnegie9563-4775View Storehair-beauty
Coco’s Patisserie88 Koornang Road, Carnegie0407 114 362View Storebakery
Coin Laundrette142 Koornang RoadView Storeother
Crust152 Koornang Road(03) 9563 2001View Storefresh-food
Cystic Fibrosis Community Care282 Neerim Road9668-1811View Storeother
Daniel’s Barber Shop140 Koornang Road(03) 9568 8235View Storehair-beauty
Daniels Donuts20 Koornang Road Carnegie CentralView Storefresh-food
Dental Care Carnegie61 Koornang Road(03) 9571 6667View Storehealth
Denture Care Carnegie2 Woorayl Street(03) 9569 1170View Storehealth
Discount Chemist28 Koornang Road(03) 9568 1499View Storehealth
Domain Flooring2 Koornang Road(03) 95692564View Storeprofessional
Dumpling Workshop64 Koornang Road(03) 9568 1552View Storecafes-restaurants
Dutch Club “Abel Tasman”60 Rosstown Road(03) 9571 5382View Storecafes-restaurants
Eagle Super Services82 Koornang Road0412 336 394View Storeprofessional
Eastern Dumpling House132 Koornang Road0430 125 634View Storecafes-restaurants
Ellie’s Beauty Clinic124 Koornang Road0413 300 358 View Storehair-beauty
Europa99 Koornang Road(03) 9041 4417View Storecafes-restaurants
Evergreen Optical20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9571 3233View Storehealth
Eyedentity Carnegie80 Koornang Road(03) 9569 9609View Storehealth
F24 Training23 Koornang Road0409 859 169View Storehealth
Fashion Care100 Koornang Road(03) 9569 7989View Storedry-cleaner
Figjam Cafe128 Koornang Road(03) 9568 1308View Storecafes-restaurants
First Taste34 Koornang Road(03) 7013 8831View Storecafes-restaurants
Fish Harbour20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 95723796View Storecafes-restaurants
Gabriella Pizza146 Koornang Road(03) 9569 5461View Storecafes-restaurants
Gami Chicken and Beer18 Koornang Road(03) 9571 5351View Storecafes-restaurants
Gary Peer Real Estate42 Koornang Road(03) 9563 1666View Storereal-estate
Get Real Coffee & Juice Bar20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central0434 150 277View Storecafes-restaurants
Good Life Health Club20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9569 0054View Storehealth
Gout De Saigon Café – Vietnamese138 Koornang Road(03) 8596 3588View Storecafes-restaurants
Grill’d86 Koornang Road(03) 9569 7300View Storecafes-restaurants
Grouse2 Woorayl Street(03) 9009 0099View Storecafes-restaurants
H & R Block44 Koornang Road0413 690 121View Storeprofessional
Hahn Hair & Beauty Salon133 Koornang Road0433 415 942View Storehair-beauty
Hair & Beauty @ 3636 Koornang Road(03) 9568 2797View Storehair-beauty
Hankki50 Koornang Road(03) 9568 7219View Storecafes-restaurants
Hao’s Asian Grocer20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central0451 931 619View Storesupermarket
Harris Scarfe20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central03 7017 2479View Storegifts-homewares
Herb’s Wood Fired Pizza and Pasta156 Koornang Road(03) 9530 4779View Storecafes-restaurants
Highland Properties319 Neerim RoadView Storeother
Holistic Migration SolutionsL1 / 23 Koornang9939 9036View Storeprofessional
Horizon Framing & Gallery24 Koornang Road(03) 9564 7676View Storegifts-homewares
Hoshi Sushi20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9994 3722View Storefresh-food
Hot & Sour Potato Noodle52 Koornang Road0452 045 888View Storecafes-restaurants
Huff Bagelry112 Koornang Road(03) 9568 3866View Storefresh-food
IGA Carnegie18 Wooryal Street(03) 86777482, View Storeliquor supermarket
Indian Groceries23 Koornang Road(03) 9572 4588View Storesupermarket
InSkin137 Koornang Road0401 537 060View Storehair-beauty
International Rail63 Rosstown Road0417 444 242View Storeprofessional
J.J. Sushi Asian Cafe84 Koornang Road0428 988 828View Storecafes-restaurants
Jade Cut57 Koornang Road0405 279 337View Storehair-beauty
Jellis Craig Bayside Glen Eira Group59 Koornang Road(03) 95736100View Storereal-estate
Joseph Orlando for Hair150 Koornang Road(03) 9569 5073View Storehair-beauty
Kakizaki Now K Style89 Koornang Road (Laneway)View Storefashion
Kaynam Uyghur Restaurant101 Koornang Road(03) 95723701View Storecafes-restaurants
Kimchi Grandma Korean Cuisine125 Koornang Road(03) 9569 2399View Storecafes-restaurants
Koornang Hot Bread110 Koornang Road(03) 9564 7224View Storefresh-food
Koornang Road Medical Centre85 Koornang Road(03) 9939 3707View Storehealth
Koos Hair by Juri23 Koornang Road(03) 9571 0900View Storehair-beauty
Kumon Education Centre23 Koornang Road Suite 2 Level 10414 777 552View Storeprofessional
Lee’s Kitchen160 Koornang Road(03) 9568 3923View Storecafes-restaurants
Liana James Hairdressing137 Koornang Road(03) 9571 6622View Storehair-beauty
Lizzy’s Chocolate Creations172 Koornang Road(03) 9568 0689View Storecafes-restaurants
Lu’s BBQ49 Koornang Road(03) 9572 5598View Storecafes-restaurants
Markese Hair & Makeup168 Koornang Road(03)95724000View Storehair-beauty
Marlena Shegan20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9572 3699View Storehealth
Master Roll VietnamUnit 1/18 Morton Avenue , CarnegieView Storecafes-restaurants
Matrix300 Neerim RoadView Storeprofessional
MiCare64 Rosstown Road1300 064 064View Storehealth
Minta & Co284 Neerim Road(03) 8525 3583View Storegifts-homewares
Mirae Asian Groceries135 Koornang RoadView Storesupermarket
Miss U Nail Salon20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 957 18188View Storehair-beauty
MOXUE Education69 Rosstown RoadView Storeprofessional
Mr Flower2/20 Koornang Rd Carnegie0418 581881View Storeflorist
Mrs Kim’s Grill136 Koornang Road(03) 9563 4424View Storecafes-restaurants
MWL (Made with Love Bridal)13 Arawatta Street, CarnegieView Storefashion
My Skin Clinic69 Rosstown Road(03) 9021 8625View Storehair-beauty
Nexus315 Neerim RoadView Storeother
Ni Nail168 Koornang Road(03) 9530 9967View Storehair-beauty
Noodle M881 Koornang Road0478 112 136View Storecafes-restaurants
OK Asian Supermarket23 Koornang Road0410 828 484View Storecafes-restaurants
Olive Hair Salon51 Koornang Road(03) 9078 2723View Storehair-beauty
On the Move Podiatry1/ 319 Neerim Rd, Carnegie(03) 9569 1526View Storehealth
Panpan’s Kitchen81 Koornang Road(03) 9078 6675View Storecafes-restaurants
Paradai 2 Thai Restaurant62 Koornang Road(03) 9569 3574View Storecafes-restaurants
Paradai Thai Massage67 Koornang Road0433 944 177View Storehealth
Paragon Thai Massage166 Koornang Road(03) 9569 6223View Storehealth
Parisienne Salon300 Neerim Road Suite A(03) 9042 2742View Storehair-beauty
Pho 6666 Koornang Road(03) 9530 4888View Storecafes-restaurants
Pho Huong Viet74 Koornang Road0434 275 332View Storecafes-restaurants
Physiolates165 Koornang Road(03) 9571 2111View Storehealth
Podiatry319 Neerim Road(03) 9569 1526View Storehealth
Polar Express78 Koornang Road0426 285 666View Storeother
Priceline20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9563 6611View Storehealth
Pure Boba Bubble Tea shop141 Koornang Road(03) 9942 5769View Storecafes-restaurants
R & K Taxation Experts8 Woorayl Street(03) 9504 3796View Storeprofessional
Ramen Dumpling House134 Koornang Road(03) 9943 6835View Storecafes-restaurants
Ray White Carnegie77 Koornang Road(03) 9571 6777View Storereal-estate
Repair Mate Express Carnegie20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9020 4573View Storeother
Rich Tea & Dessert54 Rosstown Road0415 259 998View Storecafes-restaurants
Ride N Shine20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9571 4516View Storeother
ROMAPE’ CIBO DA STRADA Café43 Koornang Road, Carnegie0405 741 649View Storecafes-restaurants
Rosstown Hotel108 Dandenong Road(03) 9571 1033, View Storehotel liquor
Rosstown Medical Clinic73 Rosstown Road(03) 9571 2244View Storehealth
Roule Galette104 Koornang Road(03) 9563 1569View Storecafes-restaurants
Russian Tid Bits113 Koornang Road(03) 9572 3911View Storefresh-food
S.o.wl Wise Cuisine92 Koornang Road(03) 95304036View Storecafes-restaurants
Serenity115 Koornang Road0402455717View Storegifts-homewares
Sharetea71 Koornang RoadView Storecafes-restaurants
Shyan Raman Bar73 Koornang Road(03) 8394 5971View Storecafes-restaurants
Shyun Japanese Restaurant126 Koornang Road(03) 8394 5971View Storecafes-restaurants
Sibling Spice/Paradai Thai56 Koornang Road(03) 9568 2257View Storecafes-restaurants
Silk Road Fusion41 Koornang Road(03) 9571 9910View Storecafes-restaurants
Slave 2 the Bean89 Koornang Road0416 963 272View Storecafes-restaurants
Smooth N Silky Beauty Salon59 Koornang Road(03) 9572 1547View Storehair-beauty
Spicy Dragon23 Koornang Road(03) 9571 5668View Storecafes-restaurants
Spilt Milk288 Neerim Road(03) 9571 8880View Storecafes-restaurants
Spotlight20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 8533 5700View Storegifts-homewares
Sunny’s Fruit & Veg91 Koornang RoadView Storefresh-food
Tailored Café23 Koornang Road0413 889919View Storecafes-restaurants
Tattslotto20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9571 0076View Storeother
Thai Noodel Shop75 Koornang Road(03) 9042 4095View Storecafes-restaurants
The Bank75 Koornang Rd Carnegie9972-6178View Storebanking-finance
The Barkber Shop317 Neerim Road0410 010098View Storehair-beauty
The Hot BirdShop 4/89 Koornang Road, Carnegie9571 4496View Storecafes-restaurants
The Nude Duck36 Koornang Road(03) 9571 0255View Storecafes-restaurants
The Salvos (Carnegie)154 Koornang Road137 258 View Storefashion
Think Sew46 Koornang Road(03) 9569 5033View Storeother
Thompson and Thompson145 Koornang Road(03) 9572 1888View Storeprofessional
Tom’s Meat Market101 Koornang Road(03) 9571 22347 View Storefresh-food
Total Beauty Plus59 Rosstown Road(03) 9563 1167View Storehair-beauty
Twinkle Nail and Beauty144 Koornang Road(03) 9568 3132View Storehair-beauty
Utax Accountants164 Koornang Road(03) 9569 6918View Storebanking-finance
Vault 143143 Koornang Road(03) 9571 7687View Storehair-beauty
Vision on Koornang54 Koornang Road(03) 9563 1006View Storehealth
Vpower139 Koornang Road(03) 9943 6198View Storeother
Waxing Queen168 Koornang Road(03) 9569 8444View Storehair-beauty
Width Alley Spice Pot32 Koornang Road9569 8869View Storecafes-restaurants
WL Homeware And Gifts – Cheap Shop93 Koornang Road(03) 9569 3881View Storegifts-homewares
Woolworths (Carnegie)11 Kokaribb Road(03) 9571 4155View Storesupermarket
Woolworths Carnegie North20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9908 6521View Storesupermarket
Yami Yami21 Koornang Road(03) 9571 0011View Storecafes-restaurants
Yawla Investments25 Koornang Road(03) 9571 1597View Storeprofessional
Yeeli Therapy20 Koornang Road Carnegie Central(03) 9571 6648View Storehealth
Yes Sir6 Woorayl Street(03) 9530 4948View Storehair-beauty
Yifang Taiwan Fruit TeaUnit 1/23 Koornang Road, Carnegie0432 059 381View Storecafes-restaurants
Yooralla319 Neerim Road(03) 8574 4700View Storehealth
Yuanfang Asian Supermarket55 Koornang RoadView Storesupermarket